Social Distancing: A Work Out at Home Survival Guide

First and foremost: we’re all in this together. Elite Sweets is here to help you continue reaching your fitness goals, even when confined to your home during these unprecedented times.

No gym? No problem.

Our main advice is to approach each day with a positive attitude. Just because life is on pause, doesn’t mean your summer body has to be too.

We’re here to provide you with tips to keep your regularly scheduled fitness routines in check. You’ll just have to tweak a thing… or two.

Be prepared

Establish realistic goals. Unless you’re able to purchase a fully-equipped gym set and have it built in your garage by tomorrow, chances are that your fitness goals will shift according to the at-home equipment you have access to. 

Do your research. There are many health blogs, fitness apps, and home workout programs downloadable for you on the internet. Many local studios also offer online yoga or zumba classes via Zoom. Don’t forget that fitness influencers are also confined to their homes, and many of them are putting out at-home workouts for their audience in video format (perfect for someone like me who is a visual learner). The trick is to take the time to go down the rabbit hole and find a program that works for you and your needs.

Equipment check. Working out at home means swapping the usual gym bench for your dining chair or coffee table. Maybe the heaviest dumbbell you have at home is 5 lbs so you curl your 24 pack of water bottles (Yes, people are doing this). Get creative. Weight is weight.


Create a consistent schedule. Experiment with the time you set aside to workout. If this quarantine has given us one thing, it’s schedule flexibility. Commute time and carved out office time is no longer an issue. Realistically, we can get moving between conference calls or before drinking our morning cup of coffee.

Have fun with it. Listen, I know this isn’t ideal. Many prefer sweating it out on the squat rack or the bench press. Others miss their weekly cycling classes with friends or swimming laps at their local community pool. Improvise. Blast your workout music at home (while respecting your housemates). Think about the time you’re saving by not having to drive to the gym in rush hour traffic. 

Fuel yourself. Elite Sweets protein donuts are here to keep you strong, balanced, and fueled. We ship to your home. No need to disrupt quarantine to stay healthy.

Lastly, be gentle with yourself. The world is on pause, and while staying in shape might be at the top of your to-do list, remember to also rest. Sweat, move, and work out your body, but also take advantage of this time to exercise your mind and personal well-being.