Why Should I Care?

Nutrition Breakdown

Calories - are simply a unit of energy. Your body gets energy from the foods and liquids you consume and calories are the measurement of that energy. It also refers to how much energy you use. Calories are important because everyone needs the energy to function; the key is the the right amount of calories you consume with regards to your size, age and activity levels. 

Fats and Sugars - are a source of energy for our body. A good comparison for us would be fuel. It’s a macronutrient made of essential fatty acids that are actually very important to our survival. In essence, we need fat, but fat gets converted into glucose and sugar is also made up of glucose. So if your glucose levels are high then your fat will just be stored until your body needs it. It becomes a problem if you have a high fat and sugar lifestyle because that’s a path toward diabetes. Which is why we use erythritol an all natural sweetener.

Cholesterol - is fat for cells. We need it to help digest food and produce hormones. Cholesterol travels through the bloodstream so, in turn, too much bad cholesterol can build up and clog your arteries. 

Sodium - is a mineral that is essential for nerves and muscles as well as maintaining liquid levels in humans. Sodium is usually consumed as salt. Too much sodium can lead to heart and kidney damage. The problem - a lot of processed foods contain sodium.

Carbohydrates - are a biomolecule responsible for the main source of your energy and it’s transportation in your body. We need carbs, but again we end up eating too many and carbs get converted into glucose, which leads to build up right along with fat and sugar, and that leads to weight gain.

Fiber - is actually are carbohydrate that can’t be digested. It is extremely important for your digestive system and weight management. Fiber is nature’s “diet pill”. 

Protein - are what makes the body unique and also maintains tissue. Proteins are made up of amino acids, but some of these amino acids have to be consumed because our body doesn’t make them. Consumption of animal-based protein (dairy, meat, and egg) is the only way to get several of these amino acids. This is why we use a whey protein blend so you can get all your essential amino acids. 


Do you ship nationwide?

We do. Our donuts have a shelf life of 1 year.


How do I get my donuts?

Simple. order online or check out some of our elite retailers where you can also grab our donut. 


When will I get my donuts?

We currently ship our donuts Monday-Thursday.  

How do I eat my donuts?

The answer is there is no right way. Our donuts are made with your health and fitness goals in mind. Eat for breakfast, or eat after your workout. The Choice is yours! 


How do I become a Retailer?

Reach out to our team and simply tell us who you are and ask about wholesale options. OR email us at Team@elitedonut.com


Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Texas. Austin is where we call home.