Our Story

We are on a mission to redefine sweets. We are doing this with our Elite Donuts, which are protein packed donuts, that are low in sugar (Only 1-2g to be exact), are Keto (low carb), gluten-free, and soy free.

Donuts don't have be bad for you anymore!



In order to tell you how we got here, we need to take you back to our college  apartment in Austin, Texas. It was another late night, and naturally we were hungry. We had two options: fast food or donuts. And because we were (broke) college students, donuts were the obvious choice. Clearly the healthiest solution (not), but who doesn't like donuts, right?

Inspired by our own weight loss journey, in which we lost over 200lbs combined we have always looked for the "healthier option." Several nights later, we wondered what it would take to turn our favorite indulgence into our go-to healthy snack. Protein bars weren't cutting it and left a lot to be desired when it came to taste. However, we didn't just want to make a protein-packed sweet; we wanted one that everyone could enjoy regardless of their diet or health circumstances. This was a personal mission of ours inspired by family history of diabetes and obesity. Thus, The Elite Donut was born: a protein packed (10g to be exact), gluten-free, naturally sweetened donut. We've satisfied our sweet tooth and created the anytime donut, perfect for any occasion. Now we want to share our secret with you!